Aaron Powell

Aaron Powell

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First Name * Aaron
Last Name * Powell
Username * aaroninclub
Country * Australia
City Perth


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools 3ds maxModelingPhotoshopVrayDesignCompositingMental RayArchitectural VisualisationStoryboarding


Availability: Freelance


I'm a guy who really does enjoy many aspects of the world of 3D art, but my favourite area is rigid modelling. I have had an interest for 3D for almost 10 years now and it was only at TAFE when I had the chance to learn 3D properly and use 3D Studio Max. After learning that program my interest for 3D has grew and grew even more. After doing many years of study and doing work experience at a small games company, I feel I'm ready to start my 3D career.